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Short staffed- Good or bad excuse for poor service?

How many times have you been into a cafe, restaurant or hotel and received poor/bad customer service and been told ‘sorry, we’re short staffed’?

Is it an acceptable excuse? Is it the customer’s fault that they have a staffing issue?

I often wonder why they share their issues with the customer. They don’t charge you less however they expect you to accept a lower standard of service and food.

Recently a cafe owner told me they had actually thought of closing for the day as they were so short staffed. They didn’t close and struggled to offer any reasonable level of service. They still charged!

As customers, who pay the full price, we shouldn’t put up with this. Of course, I sympathise with staffing issues but it’s not my fault.

What do you think the proprietor should do when they have staffing issues?

What should the customer do when they are faced with bad service due to staffing?

Why not share your views.

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